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Learn more about your date online, 6 Social Media Spying Tips!

Who doesn’t want to learn more about your date? I mean really, the anticipation is killing you. Or perhaps your sort of on edge and have a bad vibe. If so this post is for you… 6 places to learn more about your date online   Online dating safety tips from Online Dating Background Checks is pleased to share this little little social media tool guide to spying online on people. That is right, the fact is even Pew Research center

Google Executive & A Deadly Date From SeekingArrangement The Case for Background Checks?

Alix Tichelman, an alleged prostitute has been arrested and charged with the slew of charges including drugs and prostitution after giving a top Google executive heroine and then allegedly watching him die. in the The executives name is Forrest Timothy Hayes and according to numerous sources online he works in wearable devices unit of the company. According to entertainment blog, HollywoodLife.com the two meet at a dating site called SeekingArrangement. SeekingArrangement.com is a hookup site that does not run online dating background

Wisconsin Murderer Met Victim at Online Dating Site

As reported by USA today in this story, it’s sad to see that yet another tragedy was linked back to a connection made at an online dating site. The specific dating site where Jenny Gamez of Cottage Grove, Oregon who was tragically murdered by a former Milwaukee, Wisconsin police officer Steven Zelich was not publicy released as of yet but it’s not so much the broader question that many proponents of online dating site background checks would cite.   DateCheckout.com, Online dating