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At DateCheckout.com our goal is simple. We aim to give you one more tools to make your online dating experiences safer and more enjoyable. Sometimes it’s as simple as having a little more peace of mind so that you can relax and enjoy your date. Why should you have to worry about who you are sitting across the table from when in as little as a few minutes, for less than the price of two drinks you can have a much better idea about the type of person you are going on a date with? You shouldn’t.

These days the facts show us that crime does happen on dates. Whether you meet someone offline or online your personal safety is what is most important. Sure, past actions are not always indicative of future actions but there is nothing wrong with getting a better idea about the person you are considering going out with. Having enough information to make a more informed decision is not prying, it’s taking personal responsibility for yourself. Online dating scams do happen and while running a background check on your date may not be able to change all outcomes it is another tool in making sure you have done all that you can to ensure your own personal safety.

The DateCheckout service provides you with one of the lowest priced online dating background checks including a public criminal records search, sex offender search, bankruptcy filings, and marriage records.

Welcome to the leading destination for online dating background checks. It’s fast, affordable, and not just stress free but reduces stress when it comes time to actually going on the date itself.

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